Pre-entreno que te proporciona una furiosa agresividad y una intensidad ilimitada.

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Nuclear Powered Nutrition

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Why. Obliterate provides a sensational combination of energy, pumps and endurance delivering immediate performance increases that ensures personal bests are guaranteed.

When. Use sparingly and start with 1/2 a scoop. Obliterate is so strong we would not recommend using in the evening after 7 pm and to only use twice a week.

Who. Hardcore lifters who need a lot of juice in their system to tackle a heavy weights session.

Furious aggression and unlimited intensity

Goal: Increase Energy.

- Furious anger and intensity.

- Energy that lasts for hours.

- Endless endurance thanks to high dose beta-alanine.

- Vascularity and muscle pumps like no other stim preworkout.

- Delivers everything you could want in one product.

- Even tastes great.

Obliterate Review

Fusion Supplements have a reputation for delivering hardcore products so when we heard they were bringing out a preworkout we were excited to see what they could do deliver and with Obliterate, they have actually exceeded our expectations with a preworkout that brings back a level of rage and intensity not seen since the days of the OG Jack3d.

Loaded with High Potency Stims

Obliterate uses a wide range of stimulants which makes this ideal for anyone who has built up a tolerance to their current pre-workout. Containing no less than 6 neural energisers at a dose that means we highly recommend only half a scoop, we have tested this extensively and in our opinion it is perfect for those who like the wired intensity that made DMAA such a hit in days gone by.

Endurance and Pumps

More than just a stim-fest, Obliterate incorporates ergogenics including beta-alanine, citrulline, betaine anhydrous and the branded ingredient Agmass™ which is a combination that delivers unprecedented muscle endurance and pumps, especially for a product that is so high in intensity. While Obliterate is within a propietary blend we can tell you that they definitely haven't skimped on any of the doses of these ingredients with both vascularity and the tingling you'd expect from a high quality preworkout.

What to Expect

We have tried this at both half a scoop and a full scoop and the unanimous conclusion of our testers is that half a scoop is more than enough for the vast majority of likely users of this product. With it containing everything you need in one product, once you consume a serving you will see it kick in steadily with peak effects noted after around 30 minutes. At this point you will experience a hard hitting intensity that gets your heart pounding and blood pumping with almost painful muscle pumps attesting to the high content of nitric oxide boosters in Obliterate.

Delivering an insane amount of energy that will bring back memories of Jack3d to older users, the intensity is such that you'd want to keep this for the tougest workouts only.

Overall, Obliterate is for the preworkout user who wants to feel the kind of fury that makes you want to destroy the weights in the gym and train forever. Compared to other famous preworkouts, this is very different to the likes of Hydrazine which are more about amazing focus and relentless ability to keep training at a high level. However, it is more akin to Driven Sports Frenzy or Chaos and Pain's original Cannibal Ferox, two preworkouts which have rightly gone down as famous for their ability to deliver personal bests after just a single dose.

If you are looking for one preworkout to deliver it all, Obliterate will stand and deliver like nothing else we can think of.

Disfruta de este excelente pre-entreno que te proporciona una furiosa agresividad y una intensidad ilimitada en tu tienda online de confianza: ""

Información nutricional:

Obliterate - 50 servicios.

Dosis recomendada: 7,7 gramos (medio dosificador).

Servicios por envase: 50

Complejo Nuclear Detonation Energy: 6.9 gramos.

L-Citrulina, beta alanina, betaina anhidra, Agmass (4-Aminobutil) guanadina sulfato, taurina, N-Acetil-L-Tirosina, cafeína anhidra, colina bitartrato, extracto de Juglans Regia, extracto de kigella Africana, dicafeína malato Infinergy, hordenina HCl.


L-Citrulina, beta alanina, betaina anhidra, Agmass (4-Aminobutil) guanadina sulfato, taurina, N-Acetil-L-Tirosina, cafeína anhidra, colina bitartrato, extracto de Juglans Regia, extracto de kigella Africana, dicafeína malato Infinergy, hordenina HCl.

Otros ingredientes: saborizantes naturales y artificiales, ácido málico, silica, sucralosa, acesulfamo potásico, FD&C rojo #40.

Modo de empleo:

Como suplemento dietético para adultos sanos, tomar un servicio de 7,7 gramos (medio dosificador) unos 30 minutos antes del entrenamiento mezclado en agua fría.

Comenzar tomando un servicio de 7,7 gramos para evaluar la tolerancia individual. 

Los deportistas más avanzados y que toleren bien los estimulantes pueden aumentar la dosis diaria paulatinamente hasta alcanzar la toma de 15,4 gramos (un dosificador completo) al día.

Dependiendo de la persona, la dosis ideal puede variar desde 7,7 gramos hasta 15,4 gramos.

No superar la dosis diaria recomendada.


Envase de 386 gramos.


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